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ESC is an NGO that is working towards a cleaner, healthier and more sustainable Cambodia for all!

We provide demand oriented technical and social services related to health & hygiene behaviour change and appropriate and safe waste management.

We work in Cambodian schools, hospitals, communities and SMEs, to help protect and promote public health.

Since 2010, ESC partnered with BORDA, Germany, to develop decentralized wastewater management projects.


School Based Sanitation


A school should be a safe and welcoming place for students to learn and thrive. An essential part of this is a clean school environment, which not only influences the academic achievements of the students, but also their health.

However, for the more than 3 million school students in Cambodia the situation is often quite different. The poor water, sanitation and hygiene situation is a serious issue in many schools. In one third of the 10,000 schools, there are no toilets, and even if schools have toilets, they are often in poor condition or not functioning.

The inadequate sanitation facilities threaten or ignore the privacy and security needs of students and lead to a high risk of infections. This can affect their health and their ability to attend school, which can have a negative impact on their academic performance.

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